A Review of “This Is Us”

Find out if you should be watching ABC’s hit show This Is Us


Aubrey Harrell, Editorial Board

Are you looking for a new TV show to get addicted to this Fall? This Is Us might be the show for you. This Is Us is a comedy-drama about a family made up of three siblings born on the same day and their lovestruck parents. The show has gotten stellar reviews from various critic websites, and has also been nominated for 11 Emmys. Is This Is Us worth a watch?

The show has a very unique way of unraveling the plot. During each episode, the story switches between the present and past of all the characters. This means that the viewer has to act somewhat like a detective,in order to figure out the timeline of events. As the season progresses and you see more into the past, and the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place, leaving a sense of satisfaction when you see how past events have led to where the characters are in the present

Staying true to the drama genre, This Is Us has a plethora of captivating and emotional overlapping story lines. The three siblings, Kate, Randall and Kevin each have their own unique challenges to face, and almost every viewer can probably see a part of them in one of the characters. Randall, who’s adopted, has to learn what the true definition of family is. While he loves his family, he also longs to know where he comes from and who his biological parents are. He begins to get the answers he has been searching for all his life when he locates his biological father is and reaches out to him. Kate, on the other hand, has to deal with self esteem issues that run deep and makes everyday hard. All her life she’s been overweight, and the show displays the consequential challenges that come as a result of this. Throughout the show, Kate is shown as a strong character that puts in the effort to better herself. Then there’s Kevin, who’s a rising actor. He faces problems stemming from his child, in which he felt that his parents cared about his siblings more than him. He’s shown to have an identity crisis on what he’s doing with his life, and while he initially seems unlikable and arrogant, as the show progresses and you learn more about his past you can somewhat sympathize with him.

Overall, This Is Us excels at keeping its audience hooked. This Is Us viewer Brenda Harris states that, “Every week we find out something new about each of the characters and it always leaves me wanting more!”. The show portrays such raw emotion from the characters and there’s a good chance you’ll end up in tears at the end of every episode. This is Us does a spectacular job of portraying the characters as likable and relatable to viewers. Every character on This Is Us is very three dimensional, with good character traits that make them lovable, as well as flaws that make them seem so real. This Is Us orchestrates many themes into one beautiful show, encompassing the values of, self acceptance, dealing with loss, what true love means, and as Brenda Harris says, “The best message I think it displays is the importance of family and how you don’t have to be related by blood to be family.”