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Running out of time

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Running out of time

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The daily life of a teenager consists of rigidly tight time schedules, mapped out to balance school, sports, homework, and lack of sleep. Fitting one sport into the AP-cluttered life of a junior can be difficult to say the least, but junior Kelsey McWilliams manages to simultaneously compete in two varsity sports in one season.

Starting track last season, McWilliams was able to excel in running during the winter. Despite it being her first time as a competitive runner, she made it to states for the winter 2014 season. However, this is on top of playing at states as a freshman for lacrosse which she has grown up playing competitively.

“Track is just running and I feel really free while I’m doing it,” said McWilliams, “But lacrosse I’ve been playing for six, seven years and I’m more used to.”

Prioritizing is necessary with only 24 hours a day, and sports practices often overlap. With games and meets on top of practices every day, McWilliams isn’t able to go to everything for both sports.

“I hate that I don’t get to go to every single practice for track because lacrosse is still my top priority.” McWilliams said. “I always go to lacrosse practices and then if they’re later, track is always right after school so I go to track workouts.”

Commitment to school and academics is still trumps both sports to McWilliams, but she has learned with time ways to create time and energy to not compromise grades and learning.

“School work always comes first as a student athlete, and it can be really hard but whenever I have free time between practices I try to fit in work but I don’t feel too overwhelmed.”

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Running out of time