First-hand account of the March for Our Lives

My personal experience at the March on Washington

aubrey harrell, Editorial Board


On March 24, thousands from all over the United States came together in Washington DC to take a stand against gun violence. As of late, I have come to the realization that my peers and I are highly capable of making a lasting impact and causing change for the better in our country. This was made more clear than ever before after attending the march and seeing just how much power people my age can hold.

Leading up to the event, I really didn’t know what to expect. This was the first time I had been allowed to go to a protest, and I was both pleased I’d get to stand up for what I believed in but also nervous. My main concern was that there would be confrontation from people that opposed what the march stood for, and this fear only intensified when just after we began walking, when we noticed some people with confederate flag accessories adorned with pro-gun memorabilia. From what I could see, these people didn’t cause a fight and I quickly forgot about them after advancing past them. The general vibe in the street I was walking in was quite unique to anything I’ve experienced before. Seeing all these different people, the young and the old, come together to take a stand for what they believe in was really inspiring and you could tell that there was a lot of passion in everyone involved. It was really quite amazing to see all of DC flooded with people holding signs, no matter where you were. Seeing a protest broadcasted on TV is overall different than seeing it first-hand, so if you truly feel passionate about something and you have the chance to express how you feel at a protest or march, go for it!