Choose Your Own Adventure Story Coming to Netflix

New Black Mirror episodes said to be a test for innovative & Interactive Netflix content

Aubrey Harrell, Editorial Board


A general rule in the entertainment industry is in order to maintain popularity, impressive new ideas and innovations are necessary to keep relevance. A recent example of this is Netflix, which has begun to release interactive specials. So far these have been done on a small scale with kids shows and limited options, but starting in December, these interactive shows are set to release at a higher level and for a more adult audience. This is a concept not very well traversed in TV today as of now, so the prospect of interactive television could either be a big hit or miss. However, since a concept like this has been done very seldom before the intrigue and excitement for the release of these shows is quite high.

Although Netflix has already used this feature before (Puss in Book, Buddy Thunderstruck and Stretch Armstrong), the quantity of these interactive children’s shows are small and don’t have many unique options and paths for the consumer to enjoy. This is all going to change in December, however, with the feature being part of a season 5 episode of the hit Netflix show, Black Mirror. This is probably the best possible way to test this feature on adult audiences, as Black Mirror has no set storyline that the interactive episode would disrupt, as well as having a variety of different genres. Black Mirror is also famous for the way it discusses new technologies in society, so the fact a recently used technology like this is being used on the show is really quite fitting. As well as this special episode of Black Mirror, Netflix has also been reported to have acquired the rights for one more choose your own ending adventure game and is said to receive more, most likely after testing the feature to see if people want more.