Drake’s New Controversy

Cole Starmer, Staff writer

Consent is a hot topic in today’s society. Celebrities are always at risk of being accused of sexual assault. Whether or not most accusations are truthful or false, having undeniable evidence such as a video or a recording can spell doom for the career of any celeb. This month, Drake, one of today’s most popular music artists, was under fire as a video surfaced of him kissing and groping an underaged girl on stage at one of his concerts in 2010. Drake been known to do questionable things in terms of age, especially when Drake had his “friendship” with popular child star Millie Bobby Brown exposed to the public.

In 2010, Drake had a concert at the Ogden theater in Denver, Colorado. Halfway through the concert, Drake pulled a young woman up onto the stage and began to kiss and touch her. Little did he known, the girl turned out to be 17. This would become the seed of controversy that followed him years later. Many people are very disturbed at Drake’s treatment of this girl as she was hardly of age to be publicly doing these acts.

With 2018 being a huge year for the Me Too Movement, many celebs have been under attack with both real and false allegations for sexual assault. Drake is a huge celebrity in today’s social world, and as he grows even bigger, his actions are representative of his true self when in the worlds spot light. People have made it very clear that what he did in 2010 was not acceptable and should not be tolerated at all, celebrity or not.