“Bienvenue” French Students to Oakton

Conor Krouse, Staff Writer

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Known as the melting pot of the world, America as a country has many different and distinct cultures and ethnicities. Especially in our home of Northern Virginia, representation from other countries is at the highest it has ever been. Now, that statistic is even higher, especially throughout our school!
If you have not noticed already, there has been a sudden increase in the student body at Oakton High School. That is because our new convoy of French foreign exchange students arriving. Flying in this Monday, the new students spent the week throughout the capital, so that they could get acquainted with the inner workings and craziness that is our beautiful country. However, today, March 7th, 2019, was their first day at Oakton.
So now, we welcome these wonderful students to the absolutely joy and beauty of a school that we call home. I’m sure it was a culture shock arriving and stepping foot into the bustling, and under construction school that is Oakton I’m sure wasn’t very inviting. America is an interesting and busy place. With lots to do and plenty to see, the exchange students have much to experience.
Each of the new exchange students are assigned to one of the French 4 students that applied. Some, such as Emily Richardson, were actually given two! Describing it as one of the best and most enlightening experiences of her high school years, Emily loves her students. “They’re already like sisters to me,” she said. “My mom loves them too— they’re like her babies.”.
Though they just arrived in the states, the exchange students will soon be out of the school. Following the finishing of their in school shadowing, and their next American city adventures this weekend, the students will already be on their way back to France. If you’ve noticed them throughout the school, make sure to say hello. We as a student body should embrace their culture as much as they have been embracing ours— Minus the in school vaping, or awful viral dance moves of course.
So, au revoir (good bye) to our foreign exchange students. As a school, we hope you have enjoyed your stay. Even with the limited parking, hallways, and fully functioning bathrooms that we call home. We also hope that you return, and made some friends here along the way! Bon voyage!