I’m a Sucker for this New Song


Zoe Siamon, Staff Writer

On February 28th, the Jonas Brothers posted on their Instagram with a huge announcement. Of course, the internet exploded with excited teenagers and adults alike who missed their favorite childhood boy band.  So many people grew up listening to some of their classics, so when these iconic brothers made their announcement by posting a picture of their single cover with the caption “Midnight ET #Sucker,” everyone proceeded to lose their minds.

The song itself has the public mixed. Everyone agrees that because it’s a Jonas Brother song, that gives it some credit, but everyone seems to be debating whether it’s actually a genuinely good song or if they are not back full swing. It definitely sounds different than their 2009 hits, but can you really blame them for that?

The video itself stars both the boys and their significant others, and was shot in England. Of course the setting was very large and luxurious, but it is even more impressive when you remember that they managed to keep this video entirely a secret for a really long time.

No matter what you think of the actual song, you have to agree: the Jonas Brothers getting back together is one of the best things to happen this year.