Captain Marvel Review


Will Locklin , Staff Writer

Captain Marvel is the latest movie release from Marvel studios and the first since the death of Marvel legend, Stan Lee. The movie has received lots of backlash from fans and the media due to lead actress Brie Larson’s comments about gender issues. Her comments clearly showed that she is more supports feminism, which enraged many fans. So much so, that fans went to Rotten Tomatoes to write bad reviews for a movie that had not released yet. Rotten Tomatoes, a movie critic platform, was forced to remove the negative reviews until Captain Marvel officially released. Despite the hate, Captain Marvel has received relatively positive reviews from critics. Captain Marvel tells the origin story of Carol Danvers, who has to find out how she got her powers and if she had a life on Earth before she was a Kree. Overall, Captain Marvel is a solid movie and a mid-tier Marvel film.  

The good: he best part about this movie was Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Nick Fury. He has been a side character in many other Marvel films as the director of shield, but in this movie, he is the main character. In other Marvel films like the Avengers, Fury’s character has been portrayed as serious and dark.  However, since this movie is set before most of Marvels previous releases, Fury’s character was changed from his normal state. In this movie, he cracks jokes and seems more relaxed, making his character seem a lot more relatable. Another great part of the movie is the special effects. Especially the de-aging effects on Nick Fury and agent Colston.  Since both actors are old and the characters they play are younger, the producers had to de-age both of the characters. They did a flawless job, and you couldn’t tell that there were any special effects used at all which shows how good of a job they did. The last good part about the movie is the plot lines about the Kree and Skrulls. The Kree are the alien race that captain marvel is associated with and the Skrulls are the enemies.  However, the movie does a great job at changing that narrative when the story shifts to Earth. It portrays the Skrulls as a vulnerable race that is trying to survive rather than the villains of the story. Also through flashbacks, Danvers leans that the Kree abducted her to try and win the war against the Skrulls. These story developments enhance provide an excellent twist to the story and enhance captain marvels character.

The bad: the worst part about this movie is the fact that it had five writers and two directors. Sometimes this can be a good thing for the movie if all of them have the same vision for the movie.  In this case, it caused dramatic shifts in tone and style that did not make the film enjoyable. The movie lacks a central identity and style that should be present for every movie. Each scene seems like it was directed and written separately instead of all of the writers working together to produce one movie.  Another unfortunate aspect was the overall story. It seemed like a story that was hit there to fill up time rather than engaging the audience in a compelling adventure. This is also very disappointing because there was a lot of ways the story could have been told, but it seems like they choose the clunkiest option.  The last bad aspect of the movie was Brie Larson’s performance as Captain Marvel. Failure to have a good main character can be a result of either bad writing or bad acting. In this movie, it is some of both. Again because of the multiple directors and writers, Captain Marvel appeared to have no arc to her character.  She never changed throughout the story despite being in circumstances that could force a role to change. Brie Larson is an academy award winning actress but in it doesn’t seem like she was the right fit to play Captain Marvel. Often the delivery of her dialogue came off as either annoying or too humorous. Captain Marvel is an average movie, but it is vastly underwhelming compared to Marvel’s previous origin story movies.