The Stressful Break

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Although high school experiences can vary tremendously from student to student, something nearly everyone experiences is the copious amount of stress. With trying to stay on top of all the assigned homework to cramming for the test next period, high school takes a toll on all of its students. In addition to the physical toll, such as exhaustion and sleep deprivation, high school can impact students, even more, when it comes to mental health. The constant pressure to do well in school provides extensive stress and the lack of sleep in most students intensifies it. Within students, mental health is arguably one of the most important dimensions of health to maintain and schools try their best to acknowledge this by giving breaks throughout the school year. One of those breaks includes spring break but unlike several other breaks, spring break changes drastically throughout the school years. “I don’t really like how it jumps around, I feel like it makes it harder on families that are trying to go out of town and need to book everything far in advance,” reports freshmen Andrew Michallas. “I believe spring break is very important but making it different dates gets really confusing sometimes,” reports another student. For the most part, these points embody the complications that spring break brings into the life of a student, even though it’s meant to be a break.  The reason for spring break being so inconsistent is because it is based on whenever Easter Sunday falls. From a student perspective, inconsistent dates are less beneficial and more confusing, and although it is a break it doesn’t do much more for the student’s mental health. This brings into question why the school system is still basing their breaks on Christian holidays even though school and religion are meant to be separate. As science evolves, religion is becoming less and less important throughout the community. That’s not to say the faiths are being lost, there is just currently more to counter lots of the claims certain religions hold, giving schools even more reason to sever ties between holidays and breaks. Lastly, having breaks related to certain religious holidays can be seen as disrespectful towards other religions and in an area such as Fairfax County, where there is lots of cultural diversity, it can be considered rude. Overall, spring breaks would be more beneficial, socially and mentally for the students, if there was a set consistent date.

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