Sri Lanka Attacks

On Easter Sri Lanka was hit with tremendous terrorist attacks that killed 253 people and injured over 500 people.

Sri Lanka Attacks

Zoe Sauger, Editor-In-Chief

On the 21st of April, 2019, a small island in South Asia, near India was hit with a horrible terrorist attack. This terrorist attack hit Sri Lanka on Easter in multiple locations killing 253 people. The attacks consisted of six suicide bombers who were at three hotels and three churches. These attacks put the country into a state of emergency and left many people mourning the death of neighbors, friends, and family.



ISIS has stated that they planned and acted upon the dreadful terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. Although, the Sri Lankan government has not found enough believable evidence to confirm these statements. Why there is not enough ‘believable’ evidence is because ISIS had sent a video of the supposed people who committed the crimes, though the faces are covered, and it is not sure whether the video is telling the truth. Originally, the government thought the attacks were by an Islamic group in Sri Lanka called National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ). The Sri Lankan government also is not sure that this is the end of the attacks, the prime minister even said that there are, “still people on the run with explosives.” This would prove very dangerous because the country is already in a state of emergency.

The attacks were mostly in the country’s capital, Colombo, and three were in churches as many people were celebrating Easter Sunday. The other three attacks were in luxury hotels, which killed many tourists who were on vacation. Later, as people were in a panic and the police were searching for the culprits, two more explosions were blown in the midst of chaos. The police also found and got rid of an explosive in the airport of Colombo. The police later reported that there was supposed to be an attack at a fourth hotel, however, the attack failed.


Why did this HAPPEN?

It is still unsure what the cause of the terrorist attacks was, however, it is noticeable that the attacks were directed at a certain group of people. Mainly being Christians who were celebrating Easter and tourists staying at the hotel from around the world, though many were from Britain and the U.S. Later ISIS said that, “members of the US-led coalition and Christians in Sri Lanka,” were targeted.

The government even admitted to seeing warning signs prior to the awful events, but only dismissed it and took no precautions. Although the whole government did not know about the warning given by Indian intelligence, and that they were already keeping a close eye on the NTJ. After the prime minister and other government learned about this information, 60 people from the defense security were arrested.


This was Sri Lanka’s deadliest event from 2009, which was the end of a 26-year long war. This terrorist attack will always be remembered and our hearts go out to all the victims whether they be Sri Lankan, American, or Britain. We can only hope and strive towards a safer and peaceful world in the future and learn from the events that have now become history.