Prelude to Prom

A recap of the spirit week leading up to prom.

Olivia Garrone, Editorial Board

The spirit week that kicked off this past Monday was a fitting lead up to prom. A flurry of activity, from dressing up in tie-dye, jerseys, wacky wear, superhero clothing, and class colors, to musical chairs during lunch, helped to get students in the festive spirit of prom.

Spirit days are difficult to garner interest for in a high school, especially right after spring break, when students had a week to forget. Despite the challenges, a number of students gave Monday’s spirit day their all and dressed up in tie-dye, representing Oakton High School with spirit.

Nina Marilley (11) and Hannah Mordin (11) go all out for jersey day

Some spirit days were more popular than others. Jersey day got one of the highest turnout rates, as many students and teachers alike enjoy showed support for their favorite sports teams.

Though few were bold enough to dress zany for Wacky Wednesday, those who did dress up went all out. Students were spotted in everything from rainbow tutus to a dinosaur costume.

Juliana Krush (11) and Rosemary Nickerson (11) dress up for superhero day

Superhero day attracted its share of Marvel and D.C. comic fans, as students dressed up in everything from Superman t-shirts to festive superhero socks. This week was the perfect fit for a superhero spirit day, as it coincided with the release of the new movie Avengers: Endgame!

Class colors day gave each class a chance to show off their Cougar spirit, with freshmen in black, sophomores in white, juniors in burgundy, and seniors in gold.

Spirit wear was not the only element of spirit week; leadership steps it up every year with fun lunch activities. Monday kicked off the events with a few competitive rounds of musical chairs in the cafeteria. Fun music continued during lunches throughout the week, filling the air with more school spirit. Because spirit week coincided with Stress Less week, there was also a day with therapy dogs and counselors handing out candy, making lunch even more lively.

All of the fun spirit days and activities this past week have been a fitting prelude to prom night!