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Obama Honors Class of 2020 Through TV Special

Recapping the highlights of Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020
Olivia Garrone, Editorial Board May 21, 2020

Even though many U.S. seniors will not be getting the traditional graduation ceremony they envisioned this summer, their accomplishments are not going unnoticed. A variety of unique virtual celebrations...

Podcasts to Curb Quarantine Boredom

For when you inevitably run out of TV shows to binge.
Olivia Garrone, Editorial Board May 7, 2020

Television watching has become a go-to activity for many high schoolers in quarantine. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly eye doctor recommended to binge Netflix all day long. That’s where podcasts come...

Racial disparities in AP classes

Racial disparities in AP classes

How the College Board and Fairfax County are working to make classes more inclusive
Editorial Board April 23, 2020

   Holding a megaphone and a new vision of education, Nelson Luna stands on the steps of Tweed Courthouse demanding school integration. A student activist from New York, he redefined a movement among...

Seniors Take On Capitol Hill

Seniors Take On Capitol Hill

A recap of the government class field trip to Washington, D.C.
Olivia Garrone, Editorial Board April 20, 2020

On Wednesday, February 26th, the Senior class went on a field trip to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Students had varying to-do checklists to complete for their government classes, but had the freedom...

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Changes’ Album Review

The good and the bad about Bieber's latest slew of hits.
Olivia Garrone, Editorial Board February 19, 2020

Justin Bieber’s latest album, Changes, is a solid, if not bland, product of the times. Laced with melancholy sounds and synthetic beats, its songs fit right in with every other pop song on the radio...

2024 Moon Landing: Ambitious or Hopeless?

Elene LIpartiani, Staff Writer February 19, 2020

An ambitious goal set by the Trump Administration last year, numerous people hold skepticisms about NASA’s ability to successfully manage another moon landing by 2024. For the president, this would be...

To rename or not to rename high schools in FCPS?

The controversy surrounding renaming schools named after Confederate generals.
Wendy Gao, Editorial Board February 19, 2020

From its birth as the first colony to its now renowned reputation for producing presidents, Virginia has played a pivotal role in shaping America’s history since the beginning. But its past is not...

A sustainable future in Davos?

How the World Economic Forum failed the climate movement...again.
Wendy Gao, Editorial Board January 24, 2020

Amidst the tumult of the Senate impeachment trials occurring on the Hill in real-time, President Donald Trump is far from Washington, D.C. as 50 Senators preside as jurors to decide the fate of his presidency....

Speaking (youth) truth to power

The closing of the Newseum leaves implications for Student Press Freedom Day and the publications of Oakton High School.
Wendy Gao, Editorial Board January 24, 2020

At the close of business on New Year’s Eve, Newseum visitors found their way to the exits of the museum, and staff members began to shut down exhibits - as they had done for 11 years. Only this time,...

“The Circle” Reveals That Appearances Can Be Deceiving

How the Netflix Original series reflects on social media today
Olivia Garrone, Editorial Board January 14, 2020

The new Netflix reality competition series, The Circle, manages to entertain while highlighting the deception of appearances on social media at the same time. The goal of the show is for the contestants...

U.S. Schools Fall Behind in National Rankings

Where the U.S. stands and what this means.
Olivia Garrone, Editorial Board December 13, 2019

In an international test of education systems around the world, the United States fell behind top countries, remaining around the same level it has found itself for the past ten years as other countries...

Netflix for French Students

Netflix for French Students

Shows and movies perfect for high schoolers learning French.
Olivia Garrone, Editorial Board October 30, 2019

Learning a language isn’t easy, and French is no exception. Many people say that the best way to learn a language is to be completely immersed in it, but most people don’t have the option to jet off...

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