American Tourist Beaten in the Dominican Republic

The Danger of Being an American Tourist in the Dominican Republic


Asher Tankel

On a warm January evening in the Dominican Republic, a woman has brutally beaten for 8 hours at an all inclusive resort, The Majestic Elegance. The 51-year-old Delaware native was left with very severe wounds, causing extreme public backlash to the resort as she claimed the situation was mishandled by police and the resort. She said that two men dressed in the resort’s employee shirt took her into a room and beat her mercilessly for 8 hours. “These 8 hours were full of pain and fear. Multiple times I was strangled to the point of unconsciousness and beaten with a club.” This event caused the woman to be in a hospital for 5 days off site, having surgery multiple times while there due to the extent of her injuries. She also has to pay medical costs for treatment in the U.S. after returning.


Allegations have been made by the woman and her husband, Christopher,  that the situation was incorrectly handled by police and the hotel. They have claimed that the hotel only agreed to look for her after the husband went to the front desk three times to complain about her disappearance. Christopher has also stated that they were set to receive a police report in February which has never came. The public response has been extremely negative towards the police and the resort.

The police department responded saying, “There is a lot of conjecture about the case, a lot of information that doesn’t match some of the statements,” implying that the allegations by the couple are untrue. The resort refused to comment stating the integrity of the victim as the reason. This attack comes right before a Maryland couple were found dead at another resort nearby. These deaths may very well have been an accident as there are no indications of violence at this time. These cases highlight a problem of danger in the Dominican Republic for American tourists that will hopefully be tackled by authorities soon.