“Fine Line” Review

On Friday the 13th, Harry Styles released his new album, Fine Line.

Courtesy of Vice Magazine

Courtesy of Vice Magazine

Zoe Sauger, Editor-In-Chief

One direction no longer exists, and Harry Styles has proven this by releasing an album that not only pushes limits, but takes the listener into a world that feels nothing like a teenage love song. The first single of Styles’ album was released October 11th, and like any true fan I took a shower and jammed out to the song on repeat. Later, Watermelon Sugar and Adore You came out and continued to impress me. The full album was released on December 13th, and this was Friday the 13th which was fitting for the mysterious and almost depressing vibes of the music. 

The first song of the album, Golden, starts with a slam. It is the type of song you can not help but sing along too even when you don’t know the words yet. As the album continues there is a trend that is created. The songs are sad and ominous, but make you so happy at the same time, and when a musician is able to create music that brings many different emotions to the listeners it is something to be appreciated and applauded because that is true talent and dedication. 

My favorite song on the album is She, this song takes me into another universe and I feel like a different person when I listen to it. The way the music moves so smoothly with the steady beat in the background, and the effortless voice of Styles, it makes you want to sway back and forth to just let your mind process the song. 

Treat People with Kindness is a switch compared to the rest of the album and ends the album on a high note. The song begins with a chorus repeating “Treat people with kindness,” this gives off an uplifting tone and sends a rush to the listener of pure joy. The song is so wholesome and has a special message that is needed in this world, when sometimes it can seem like everything is dark and dreary. 

Overall, Fine Line is an incredible album that shares a story and takes the listener through so many emotions. Harry Styles surely outdid himself and truly has an effect on all of his fans. The album helps so many people who are going through the different trials that life throws at you, and music can help so much. The songs in this album have personally made me sad and want to cry so hard, and then the song ends and Canyon Moon comes on and I feel so happy and like I can conquer anything. I strongly recommend this album because it is impeccable and so flavorful with the different songs and amazing lyrics that express a story that almost everyone can relate too.