Best Games of the NFL Season so far and to come


Dave Adamson

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

The NFL is Back and Better than Ever

The NFL season has been exciting and lots of games have come to the last play of the game and there are more great games to come. All 3 games for the Tennessee Titans have come down to field goals. Two of the Seattle Seahawks games have come down to the last play. The Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints had a thriller on Sunday night football. Four weeks into the NFL season, multiple games have come down to the final plays. There are too many great games to talk about them all, so here are the 5 best games of the 2020 NFL season so far and to come. 

Seattle Seahawks Vs New England Patriots – Week 2 

This Sunday night matchup came down to the wire. The Seahawks and the Patriots have only played twice since the controversial play call on the 1-yard line in super bowl 48 where the Patriots won 28-24. The other time these two teams played was in 2016 where the Seahawks came out on top 31-24. These two teams have a history of close games, and this game was no different. Jared Dallos, a freshman, went as far as to say, “This was one of the most exciting games of my life.” The Pats jumped out to an early lead with a defensive pick-6. The Seahawks quickly struck back tying the game. The game went back and forth and going into the second half it was tied 14-14. The Patriots started with the ball in the second half and got into the red zone but stalled and ended up kicking a field goal. Seahawks wide receiver David Moore then made a spectacular catch for a 50-yard touchdown, giving the Seahawks their first lead of the night. The Patriots were trying to respond and were putting together a drive when Cam Newton was picked off by Quinton Dunbar. The Seahawks capitalized on the turnover with a touchdown drive taking a 28-17 lead. The Patriots scored a touchdown to make it 28-23 and went for 2 to make it a 3 point lead but failed to convert making it a five-point lead. Halfway through the fourth quarter, the Seahawks made it a 12 point lead. The Patriots scored a touchdown with two minutes left and were able to force a 3 and out for Seattle, meaning 3 plays no first down, so Seattle was forced to punt. The Patriots had 1:53 to try and score a game-winning touchdown. They ended up putting together a drive and got down to Seattle’s 1-yard line. On first and goal with 2 seconds left the patriots ran the ball with Cam Newton which had been working all game long. Cam ended up getting tackled at the two, but if he made the right read the patriots would’ve come out victorious. 

Atlanta Falcons Vs Dallas Cowboys – Week 2 

The Falcons jumped out to an early 20-0 lead over the Cowboys and going into halftime it was 29-10. Dallas ended up getting the game within five, 29-24. The Falcons scored 10 more points and it was 39-24 with five minutes left in the game, and it looked all but over. Dallas scored a touchdown with 4:55 left and went for 2 to make it a 7 point game but failed to convert making it 39-30 falcons lead. The Falcons were forced to punt after a 3 and out giving Dallas the ball with 3 minutes left. Michael Gallup made a spectacular catch bringing Dallas into Atlanta’s 10-yard line. Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott, scored a rushing touchdown for Dallas with 1:50 left in the final quarter of the game. With zero timeouts Dallas was forced to try the almost impossible onside kick. Cowboys kicker Greg Zuerlein put the ball on its side and kicked the side of the ball. The ball moved ever so slowly and eventually went 10 yards where a cowboys player jumped on the ball. Five falcons players had the chance to jump on the ball but never did, forgetting the rule that they don’t have to wait for the ball to go 10 yards. According to Jared, “It was the single most idiotic play by any team ever.” Later in the game with 4 seconds left, Greg Zuerlein had a chance to win the game for the Cowboys and complete the spectacular comeback. He made it. The Cowboys completed the comeback and won the game 40-39!

Baltimore Ravens Vs Pittsburgh Steelers – Week 12 

This matchup is between two divisional rivals dating back to the beginning of football. The Ravens and Steelers always have close games, and this will be the second time they meet this season. The first time is in week 8. This matchup could decide who wins the division making this an important game for both teams. The high powered ravens rush offense vs one of the best d-lines in football with the steelers. The Ravens have the history to not play well from behind as Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are 0-5 when they are down by 10+ plus at any point in the game. Staying up and in the game will be important. 

Baltimore Ravens Vs New England Patriots – Week 10 

Two high powered run games will face each other in this week 10 matchup. Cam Newton, Rex Burkhead, James White, and Sony Michel will face Lamar Jackson, Gus Edwards, and Mark Ingram. This has the potential to be one of the quickest games of all time, because of the number of runs that will occur. If either of these teams gets down they will likely start passing and both of these teams can do that very well. This could be a shout-out or a defensive slugfest that nobody is expecting. 

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots – Week 16 

The Bills and Patriots have both started very well in the 2020 NFL season. With both these teams coming out of the AFC East this late-season divisional matchup could decide who wins the division. Although we have seen the Patriots have success with passing, it is not their strong suit. So staying in this game and not putting themselves in a hole they have to throw out of, will be important. The Bill’s strong suit is passing, so the Pats will be looking to keep Josh Allen, Bills QB, off the field as much as possible. This game will most likely decide the division winner, so both teams must come to play.