NBA Finals: A Season That No One Expected

Coming down to the wire of another NBA season, many teams that were expected to perform well, struggled.

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A lot of teams didn’t perform well, one of those “amazing” teams that everyone thought was gonna go back to the finals this year was the Phoenix Suns but they had a classic choke show. “not mentioning the teams that dealt with injuries.” Those teams being the Lakers and the Clippers. 


The Remaining Four


The Dallas Mavericks are currently down 3-1 against the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are back to full strength with Klay Thompson back from injury for the first time in over two years and Jordan Poole, the former Michigan Wolverine, having a breakout season. For the Mavericks, Luka Doncic has currently attempted to single handedly carry his team through their playoff success. Unfortunately for Luka, in today’s NBA many teams need at least two stars to be successful. Over in the East, the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics are currently all tied up at 2 – 2. Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat led them to first place in the eastern conference for the first time since 2012. The Boston Celtics are currently led by the young upcoming star, Jayson Tatum and are looking to make the finals for the first time since 2010. Overall, in the east, it’s an even matchup for the talent of the assets and how many star pieces both teams have.


Who Will Make The Finals?


The Miami Heat have been very competitive all year and they have a lot of veteran leadership on the roster. The Golden State Warriors are back at full strength and when the team is at full strength, it is very hard to slow down all their volume shooters. Those shooters being Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole, and Klay Thompson. I believe that the Golden State Warriors are going to get back to their championship trend and beat the Miami Heat in the finals in five games. The Miami Heat doesn’t have the speed and amount of versatile guard defenders to slow down the hot shooting Warriors. 


This year’s NBA Playoffs have been very entertaining and surprising. I hope the upcoming playoffs keep this intensity for years to come.