Music that fits the Autumn vibe

Songs to listen to during sweater weather


Photo Courtesy of Tobias Tullius

Everyone associates different seasons to different types of music- summer is surfer rock, with classics like the Beach Boys or rising new artists like Sun Room, and winter tends to be overtaken by holiday jingles. Fall music, however, has a smooth and almost chilly feeling to it. The kind of feeling that goes along with walks in a wooded area with the colorful leaves falling, a crisp, fresh smell in the air, and the taste of pumpkin spice in your mouth. Compiled below is a list of songs that seem to emulate that exact feeling. 

Campus- Vampire Weekend

Campus makes you think of old architecture, fall leaves, and crisp air. You can imagine walking across a university lawn in boots, a scarf, and beanies with a pumpkin spice latte as the wind air bites at you 

Folklore- Taylor Swift

The whole album makes you feel like you’re going through a breakup in the middle of fall with a mug of apple cider and a cardigan wrapped around you. 

Cigarette Daydreams- Cage the Elephant 

The song is very smooth and gives you that classic, chilly fall feeling that makes you want to wrap yourself with a blanket and watch the leaves fall. 

A certain romance- Arctic Monkeys

Jenna Osman(11) contributed A Certain Romance with the thought that “it just feels like fall.”

Clouded- Brent Faiyaz

Nylah Simpson(11) chose Clouded, because it “makes [her] think of the smell of cinnamon.”

Best Interest- Tyler the Creator

Simpson also recommended Best Interest due to its “indie and chill vibe.”

Eleanor Rigby- The Beatles

Eleanor Rigby produces a nostalgia for an ideal fall with pumpkin picking and sunflower fields. 

The Boys of Fall- Kenny Chesney

The Boys of Fall is a country song about a small town football team, and football has always been a major part of fall. 

Freakin out on the interstate-Briston Maroney

Freakin Out on the Interstate is the perfect song for a scenic road trip with red and orange-leafed trees lining each side of the road.  

Monster Mash

Monster Mash has always been a classic for Halloween parties, although this year it’s more suited for staying home and decorating Halloween cookies.