United Kingdom Second Lockdown Due to Covid Mutation

Hospital Mania

The United Kingdom unfortunately received a second wave of the Coronavirus recently. Not only does it have several new characteristics than the previous outbreak, it seems to have brought more people into the Emergency Room in such a shorter amount of time. Hospital beds quickly filled up as new patients came in seeking medical attention. Hospitals are struggling to supply patients with proper treatment needs due to the high demand of the vaccine, as well as medical supplies in general. With so many people in and out of the hospital, being fully stocked with medical supplies 24/7 is unrealistic.

Doctors Confrontation with the Mutation

So far, doctors don’t think this strain of the virus can cause any new symptoms. At least not right now, it may impact the future in several ways. As COVID-19 traveled and spread across the globe, doctors were wondering how much the virus could change when being passed from person to person. Since then, they’ve been studying ways to try to avoid another detrimental lockdown. With these studies, they attempted to make sure our immune systems could evade any alteration in the virus. 

Is the Mutation More Deadly?

Of course, the outbreak started long before they could’ve gained enough data to create some sort of supplement to ensure a variation of the current virus wasn’t possible. However, this new strain of the virus isn’t any more fatal than the original. It carries multiple of the same traits as COVID-19. If everyone remains responsible with the COVID-19 guidelines, this new wave shouldn’t affect us in any different way. 

The new strain HAS made it to the United States, as well as a couple surrounding countries of the United Kingdom. Due to this, everyone must continue to wear a mask, wash hands, and stay 6 feet apart!

Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash