Chances of Returning Back to School Next Year with no COVID-19 Restrictions

Emma Dennis, Editorial Board

School in general may not be everyone’s favorite place to spend their time, however, this pandemic has proven to many that school isn’t as bad as they initially believed. 

The Benefits of In-person School

In-person education provides more than just academics to students. In addition to the subjects they are required to be taught in a classroom setting, they learn important social and emotional skills that can later benefit them in the future. Whether school is in-person or not, some students may need extra attention in certain areas. It’s pretty much inevitable that online school is more of a challenge for teachers to assist their struggling students. Due to this, all schools should aim to have students attend school in-person because that is where developing minds work best.

Medical Conditions Amongst Students

Furthermore, various students pose a higher risk than some of their peers. With that noted, unrestricted in-person school may not be the best decision for next year. This entirely depends on the current case numbers a year from now, as presently, case numbers are still steadily climbing. If COVID-19 remains in the same state as it is today, Education Administrators would most likely be greatly against returning students back to school with fewer and or no restrictions. 

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools

A variety of precautions should be taken by schools to avoid the spread of COVID-19. While no single measure can fully eradicate the COVID-19 risk, when taken together, they can significantly reduce it. Students and teachers can keep a distance of at least 6 feet between them. For younger students, however, spacing desks at least 3 feet apart and avoiding close contact can have similar benefits, especially if they wear masks. According to doctors, high school students should have access to the vaccine by the Fall, middle and elementary students by the Summer. 

 Returning Back to School

Schools in plenty of states have reopened fully, while some with an online/in-person hybrid. Additionally, returning back with no COVID-19 restrictions will be a process. We may start out with the hybrid next year, and if it succeeds, fully in-person seems to be a possible option. With the enforced proper safety precautions this year, next year is a clean slate.

 Stay Safe! 

For the time being, school during the COVID-19 pandemic may not feel natural. Whatever form school takes, everyone’s help is needed to ensure that it is balanced, secure, and inclusive for students, teachers, staff, and families.

Courtesy of Charisse Kenion on Unsplash