The future office

Diving into the new work environment

Courtesy of Pixabay

Going into the typical nine to five office building, working in a depression-filled cubicle is typical. The grey empty walls and the entire room filled with a feeling of emptiness. The only noise is the telephone ringing before the receptionist picks up. This ordinary work life is outdated. The world is evolving and so is the workplace.

Working from home was unmarked territory for most when COVID-19 hit. Everyone had to struggle with technology and adjust to zoom meetings. But the world moved forward, we made improvements to technology. Technology has advanced that made teleworking easier. Video calls became the new normal. Now most people prefer them. Additionally, It saves time. No more commuting in rush hour traffic. The longest you’ll need is a minute or two just to walk over to your home office. Or even shorter as most don’t even get out of bed.

COVID is not the only reason people choose to telework. The revamp of technology has allowed people to work for companies worldwide. People can live out their travel dreams while still maintaining their careers. Businesses can also make more connections by having access to employees from across the globe. The workforce is no longer confined by geological location.

However, many still crave the office experience. Talking to coworkers, getting out of the house, and having no distractions. But they still don’t want to spend the majority of their day in a bland building deprived of excitement. Here is where the aesthetically pleasing environment takes over. Picture this, big windows, artistic décor, bright walls, an office building filled with happy employees.

As many know, people are motivated by their surroundings. A tasteful clean office building is going to have more productive workers compared to the mundane, dreary cubicles. Aesthetically pleasing office space is good for businesses. It boosts company morale and makes work more enjoyable.

Social media is making aesthetic workplaces more desirable to the younger generations, who are the future workforce. They will not stand for sad, boring offices when they can have swing chairs and retro artwork. The work world is evolving and so is the office. A new era of the workplace is taking over.