Snoozed through COVID

How has COVID-19 affected your sleep schedule?

COVID 19 has totally changed our lifestyles in undeniable ways. One of the many things that have been extremely affected is sleeping schedules, yet, not always negatively. As for a study conducted by SleepStandard, 98% of people developed new sleeping issues, and 67% believed that their sleep schedules were negatively impacted by COVID, mostly due to stress levels. At Oakton, results vary, but stress levels seem to be the main recurrence. Overall, sleep relationships don’t seem to be in the best condition currently, for good reason. So how do you help your sleep schedule? Or even recreate one? Here are a few tips:


Giving commitment and planning can go much further than expected, but like any change, it’ll take time to adapt. Once you’ve started a schedule, the next hardest thing is to stay consistent. Stress of school and work can easily get in the way of sleeping well or on time, but there are many ways to overcome these worries; including breathing exercises, podcasts, meditative music, etc… Youtube is a great resource for sleeping aids, but everyone is different so try things out to see what works for you.