Summer Tunes


Olivia Lieberman, Editor-in-Chief

As summer is quickly approaching, one amazing way to set the vibe for the warm months ahead is by relaxing to summer tunes. Music can be found in restaurants, while shopping, walking, or even while doing school work. It can set the tone for how one feels or acts. Certain songs can trigger a memory or a good feeling. Everyone has different tastes in music. One’s upbringing, culture, or mood can alter the kinds of music one like to listen to. People can bond over music and make connections that they otherwise might not have had.

courtesy of Dreamstime

Collectively, as a generation, we all seem to have some things in common. Popular creators like Harry Styles, Olivia Rodrigo, Kendrick Lamar, and Doja are all very different from each other but regardless of their differences, the same person could enjoy all of them. Based on the type of music one listens to, it can gauge other songs or artists that person could be interested in. Summer is the perfect time to expand music taste or add on to an already wide variety. A common way to find new artists is to base your taste on what you already listen to.

For some more unknown artists or people, you may enjoy there are playlists on Apple Music and Spotify that are available. These playlists are a great way to find new artists while still remaining in your preferred genre of music. Some top-rated Spotify playlists include ‘Summer ‘22’ by avalee, ‘Summer 2022 Car Ride Type’ by brain, and ‘Summer throwback’ by Spotify. On apple music you can find similar playlists called ‘Songs of the Summer,’ ‘sunkissed,’ and ‘Summertime Essentials.’ Oakton High School has a huge variety of songs that people listened to. This year, Oakton High School has its very own summer playlist called “Oakton High School summer ‘22.” This playlist can be found under the user ‘Livintherain.’