Upperclassmen Experience

All about freshmen year

 Freshman year is the first year of high school and a large transition for most 13-14 year old’s coming from middle school. Everyone experiences it differently and Oakton high school provides a good environment and experience for new freshmen. With a year full of sports clubs and activities accessible to younger students. Fairfax County schools provide Oakton high school with sufficient funding, which lets Oakton high school have better athletic facilities and fields and more space for clubs and materials for the clubs. Athletic teams can have more freshmen teams and clubs could have more people enrolled which betters the freshmen year. 


Students in the journalism subject will be intervening upperclassmen (seniors, juniors, sophomores) for their input and info about freshman year with a q and a.

Interview with a junior in Oakton High School.

Q What did you do in your freshman year

A I did my school work and went to classes and try to do my best.

Q Should people play sports or do athletics clubs in their freshmen year

A Yeah because I think it’s good for your health and physicality and it can help you later on in life.

Q Does Oakton provide a good freshman year

A Yeah it was pretty fun and you could do a lot of things in the school

Q What do you recommend for freshman and 8th graders right now

  1. They should do their work and stay organized in classes. Organization helps a lot in school and you should really do it.

Every student should enjoy their year and have fun. Upperclassmen. The experiences described are hard, but also fun and exciting.