Thumos: the student band of Oakton that’s full of spirit

the rock band of Oakton highschoolers reveal interesting facts, features, faces, and more in this interview!


photo by frame, hairak with permission by unsplash

Julian Otalvaro, Staff Writer

Ever since Cougar Kickoff, more and more people have come to know the name of the elusive student band Thumos. Made up of four seniors, this newly-formed rock group seeks to pave their way through Oakton, establishing themselves as something remarkable. 

Now, the Outlook has gotten their chance to interview the rising members, and find out what this exciting new band is about.

Thumos’ members consist of Doug, Ben, Aman, and Kynaan, who each play as the lead vocals, the guitar, the drums, and the bass respectively. 

“We’ve known each other since childhood,” Doug, the lead singer, mentions. “Ben, Aman and I have known each other since elementary school, but Kynaan-” the bassist, “-started becoming friends with us around middle school.” 

Speaking of Thumos’ origins, the band was formed during the members’ junior year, which was the previous school year of 2021-2022. 

Even though the band was only formed recently, Ben, the guitarist, and most of the other members have always thought of being in a band since before Thumos became a thing, but only until their junior year have they really met up and gotten the chance to start one.

One of the Outlook’s burning questions was the meaning behind the band’s name itself. 

Although Ben’s near-alternative — TRANSLUCENT — was originally suggested to be the title of the group, the members settled on a name that didn’t even come from themselves. “The band was at my house one day, and the topic of a name was brought up around my dad, and he suggested the word ‘thumos.’ Means something in Ancient Greek,” Ben reveals. “Thumos” is the Ancient Greek concept of spiritedness, typically physically representing blood or breath, and is also associated with the human desire for recognition.

Despite the band still being considered to be in its youth, the question of released songs was brought up. Doug states that “we are currently working on an EP, but we don’t have anything released yet. Although, what we can say is that our general idea is sort of a classic, 80s rock, like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.”

In regards to the members themselves, quite a few of them have been into music since they were young. 

Doug brings up that “music has always been a big thing in my entire family,” and that he sang a lot as a kid. 

Aman, the drummer, on the other hand, only found interest in the drums by himself when he was a kid, giving it up not too long after. It was only until he and Ben had the same English class when music started making its way back into his life.

Yet, the members’ plans only reach so far, as they haven’t decided what will happen to the band once the members graduate. “Honestly, we haven’t really thought that far yet,” Ben says. “Time will tell.”

On another note, the band has yet to reveal any inspiration they take and use in their songs in their upcoming EP, just that it’ll be similar to the aforementioned bands Thumos looks up to.

A lot of the production of Thumos’ inner workings take place in the houses of the members of which they meet up at. Fitting band-related activities into their daily lives is difficult, but they trudge on through nonetheless. 

“We mostly meet up and practice together after school, ‘cause we like what we do, although it was lot more frequent over the summer. We’d stay up until like, 2AM, just playing and playing,” according to Ben. “We would always practice on Sunday — Sunday Funday. That’s been our thing since forever.”

However, sometimes things can get in the way of the band’s wellbeing. Aman admits that “there were many times where just fitting Thumos stuff into our schedules threatened the band itself.” Luckily, the members haven’t gone through any internal disputes, but maintaining a band while also going to school is quite the challenge.

But Doug, Aman, Ben and Kynaan still play as Thumos today all the same. Their long history, inspiring role models, and the ability to always get back up have made the band we know, and will get to know in the future. 

Regardless of how long the members will remain at Oakton, Thumos’ spirit will remain as a force to be reckoned with.