Wick is Back

who is john wick and how do the movies connect?


photo taken by onur binay with permission from unsplash

After going through many hardships and fighting many people throughout the franchise, Keanu Reeves is returning as the legit, lethal assassin, John Wick. The recent movie that came out from this franchise was John Wick 3 which came out three years ago on May 17th, 2019. The trailer for the fourth installment in the franchise came out recently on February 16, 2023, in honor of an event to promote it called “Wick Week”. Fans have been waiting for three years for this movie to come out and now their wish has finally come true. Plus, they don’t have to wait that long. 


Who is John Wick and why does he do this?

The first movie of the series came out 8 years ago on October 14th, 2014, showcasing Keanu Reeves’ character and how he became the fatal assassin that criminals fear. As an orphan, he was taken in by this Russian mafia, where he was living his life but also training to become an assassin. After completing many jobs for the mafia, he retired until many years later, a gang, unfortunately, breaks into his home, steals a vintage car, and kills one of his family members. The gang was sent by the son of a brutal Russian gangster. Being traumatized, he comes out of retirement and uses his skills to hunt down the killer, by whatever means necessary. 


How does it connect to the other movies?

The past three movies of this series all connect to one another. The plotline, the characters, and more. An example would be the first and the second movie. The opening scene of John Wick: Chapter 2 takes place right after the ending of the first movie. There isn’t much to explain right now without all the details, but for hardcore action fans out there, they don’t want to wait that long for this deadly assassin to come back on the big screen.