Girl’s Varsity Basketball Practice Squad


Surfael and his teammate after a victory in his basketball league

This year, at Oakton High School, the girls varsity basketball team is trying something that is unprecedented at the school. Because of the smaller than expected turnout for tryouts, the team is having 3 seniors act as a practice squad to help the team. These seniors are Nolan Jones, Jarek Campbell, and Surfael Feesha. These students will help the team specifically by acting as both a defensive and offensive unit depending on the specific situation. This is in order to increase the intensity and also make it so the practice is more game like.

Surfael Feesha says, “ I am very excited to try this out and hope that I can help the team be successful.” He thinks that his role is a very important one and he plans on taking it very seriously during the practices. He also notes that this experience is an opportunity for him to have fun with his friends Jarek and Nolan while improving his own basketball skills. One of the greatest things about being a member of this small squad is that the participants get a varsity letter, team gear, team shoes, and if the team performs well, maybe even a state ring.

It will be very interesting to see how the team does this year after losing three of their star players last year. They hope to continue and build upon the culture of success that has been synonymous with the girl’s varsity team over the last few years. Hopefully this practice squad will prove to be a good choice by the head coach and will lead to the actual players improving and having a great season. The season begins soon and the whole school will be watching eagerly.