Air Force One Experience

About AF1, what to expect, and what it symbolizes


Portia Dai, Editorial Board

Who wouldn’t want a personal plane? The President of the United States has that privilege among many others. This month, a replica of the Air Force One will be on display at the National Harbor in Maryland. The exhibit will open on October 19 and will educate people about the development of the democratic system that is in effect in America today with an opportunity to board the aircraft at the end of the tour.

The massive 231 foot long plane is a Boeing 747-200B and can seat 76 people with 26 crew members. Air Force One only seats about one-fourth of the amount of passengers a regular Boeing 747 in order to accommodate its many rooms. Some of these rooms are for meetings while others are for guests and all are luxuriously furnished. With all of these niceties, Air Force One costs $181,000 per hour to run.

While Air Force One is an extravagant aircraft, it also holds an important place in America’s history. The Air Force One Experience exhibit emphasizes the growth of democracy in America and is an important symbol of democracy. When asked why Air Force One has become such an iconic symbol of America, Jonathan Wu (9) answered, “The only taste of America many people have is seeing Air Force One land in their country.” This is important because America stands for freedom, and when Air Force One travels to other countries, those countries can see a part of the country that symbolizes freedom.

The Air Force One Experience exhibit will be a great chance for people of all ages to learn more about American history and experience the privilege of being aboard Air Force One. Mark your calendars for October 19 and experience the incredible Air Force One.