Oakton High School’s Crew

Oakton Crew is getting ready to start their season! Make sure you get ready to come support the cougars!

Maddie Flickinger , Staff Writer

Oakton’s Crew team started up it’s spring season this past week, after three months of winter conditioning on the rowing machines. The rowers are off to the Occoquan river to start practicing for their first race, the Polar Bear Regatta, which is in late March. Oakton’s crew team has more rowers this year than ever before, as the sport becomes more and more popular in northern Virginia.  Rower Kayla Burger(10) gives us some insight on the sport.

Q: What made you decide to join crew?

A: I heard about the pasta parties and I was in! I didn’t realize how much I would actually like the sport.

Q: What would you say is your favorite thing about the sport?

A: My favorite part of the sport is the team. I love working together with my teammates to win a race and know that we all worked hard to get to where we are.

Q: What do you do to prepare for the season?

A: We have 3-4 months of winter conditioning 5 days a week after school and on Saturdays to get us into shape for the season! Some of us also row in the off season with clubs.

Q: How do you juggle school work with the demanding schedule that comes with joining crew?

A: You really learn time management in this sport and the importance of cougar time.
Q: What would you say to some potential rowers that want to join crew next year?

A: I would say just go ahead and join! There is so much you can take away from this sport and you get the opportunity to work and meet with so many awesome people!

Crew is a great sport to join in to make friends, be part of team, and get into shape! Be sure to sign up for crew next year to get in on all of the fun and make sure to check out the Oakton Crew website at https://www.oaktoncrew.com/about to find out when you can go cheer on your friends along with other cool info on crew!