Lacrosse Tryouts

Pari Abdollahi, Staff Writer

Spring sports, such as lacrosse have started. Oakton spring sports tryouts started the week of Presidents Day and some tryouts are still ongoing due to weather delays. Many people attended the spring tryouts including those who are new to the school as well as upperclassmen who are trying out for the first time.

Coach Bullock, the head lacrosse coach,  said that, “The tryouts started the day after Presidents Day and went on for four days after. The tryouts are almost officially over but we have to allow every athlete at least three days to try out so what happens is that either they are sick during tryouts or they play other sports so they can’t make it”. The tryouts got extended this year because of the weather delays and due to other students playing other sports just so that everyone has a chance to participate in the tryouts. Coach Bullock explained that he doesn’t like the tryouts and he explains his reasoning. “Tryouts are always the worst for every coach because it’s hard to tell the kids who work their hardest that they didn’t make the teams. here is limitations to how many people we can keep on the team, but in an ideal world, we’d want to keep everybody. You’d never like tryouts because you’d want to just get into the season. No one likes to be cut, it never feels good to be cut from a team, I was cut from a team”.

He goes on to talk about how many people showed up to the tryouts and how many of them were new either to the sport or to the high school. “We had about 80 tryouts this year. We always have new players on the team. Some students are trying it for the first time and they can pick up the sport really fast”. Coach Bullocks predictions for this season were “On paper hopefully we should win the state championship again but that a really cocky way of looking at it and so I don’t like to look at it that way. I just look to evaluate ‘are we better than the day before?’ and if so obviously the results payout”. He describes how much they practice and why they practice the way they do by saying “In the beginning of the season we practice six days a week, Monday through Saturday. We never do anything on Sundays per rules and the students need a day off. Even as the season goes on because it’s such a long season about four months worth we actually went past graduation last year so we tend to give them Saturdays off and we practice about two hours a day”.

This year there will be many new faces on Oakton’s boys varsity lacrosse team and by far they seem to be doing pretty good. Hopefully, they keep up what they’re doing and win the state’s championship like last year.