2019 SATs

Pari Abdollahi, Staff Writer

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The SATs are coming up and students are preparing themselves for it. Even though students stress so much during the school year, SATs bring greater stress for the students because their future depends on the results of the SAT.


An anonymous junior in Oakton high school explained what strategy she used to prepare herself for the SAT. “I’ve prepared using Khan Academy practice as well as assessing what I need more practice on based on the practice test”. She continues to talk about the amount of stress she has and the reason behind her stress. “The stress is real. It’s one of the deciding factors colleges look at when contemplating your admission. It doesn’t help while junior year is one of the harder years due to the addition of AP courses”. Juniors usually stress a lot because they try to balance all of their homework or projects and alongside that they also have to plan their future and take the SATs which is a big part in shaping their future. The interviewee adds on to her words by saying “The only way teachers have helped is by teaching the information they are teaching in class. Unless you’re in a class that is meant to prepare you for college, Avid, you rarely get any outside help from teachers”. She also had a message for the lower class men who are taking the SATs in future years. She said “though it can be stressful, don’t stress too much about it. Balance your work with SAT by starting early! The earlier you start studying, the more time you have”. When students start practicing in their earlier years they would be more prepared and they can most likely be less stressed about it.


SATs really stress the students since their futures is based on the results of this test. However, it’s not a once in a lifetime opportunity. Students can always take it again with more preparation, but even with that, the stress does not go away for good; there will always be even a little bit of stress on each student no matter how prepared they are because colleges don’t only look at SAT scores, they also take grades and activities into consideration.

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