Why Don’t We 8 Letters tour

Katie Le, Editorial Board

Why Don’t We is a boy band that includes five members named Zach Herron, Jack Avery, Daniel Seavey, Jonah Marais, and Corbyn Besson. Each member started as a male solo artist, deciding to form a band when the members were ages ranging from fifteen to eighteen. They announced their band on YouTube the day after their formation, which was on September 27, 2016. Not too long after they released their debut single, Taking You, on October 7, 2016. That song was part of a debut EP, Only the Beginning, that was released in November 25 of the same year also. After releasing those albums, they went on tour the beginning of next year. When the tour ended, they came out with a bunch of new albums and songs throughout the past few years including their most recent album, 8 Letters, which was released on August 31st of 2018. They toured a lot after the new albums were released and as of 2019, Why Don’t We has been on their 8 Letters tour, performing around the United States and later on will perform in some parts of Japan. While doing shows around the U.S, Why Don’t We has performed in our very own home, Fairfax, Virginia, at the Eagle Bank Arena. Many fans bought tickets to the concert at the arena, including me.


During the concert, Why Don’t We had an opening act which was a male solo artist named EBEN who is on tour with them. He got the crowd energized before Why Don’t We came up. After EBEN was done performing, there was an intermission before the band went up. They opened the show with a video of letters floating around the air, which is relevant to their album 8 Letters. After the letters disappeared, Why Don’t We appeared and started the concert with one of their past songs, Trust Fund Baby. Throughout the concert, they sang a mix of songs from their 8 Letters album but also songs that they’ve released before. In the middle of their performance, they sang a remix of songs they enjoyed listening to including songs like Lucid Dreams, by Juice WRLD and MIDDLE CHILD, by J. Cole. They also stopped and talked with the crowd after a couple of songs to keep them engaged with the whole performance. Why Don’t We ended the show performing their newest song, I Don’t Belong In This Club and left the crowd cheering even after they went off stage.


The show overall was a performance to remember and the experience of it was great because the energy of the audience was amazing, and the band made sure that everyone had a good time. Instead of singing for the whole time, they stopped to admire all the fans and the ones who have been with them since the beginning. Why Don’t We shows how much they care about their fans during their concerts because of how they engaged with the crowd by talking to them and telling stories to them. For example, Corbyn Besson talked with the crowd for a little and told them about how he grew up in Virginia and went to Centreville High School before he joined the band. Their singing was amazing and their harmonies were beautiful. They played almost all their songs they’ve made and every song the crowd was still full of energy, screaming and cheering on the boys as they performed. The 8 Letters concert was an amazing experience and left people with a night to remember for the rest of their life.