Why do amusement parks have overpriced foods?

Andres Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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   Having fun is an important aspect of everyone’s life as it allows for one to have a break from the difficulties and hurdles. As with many activities, excluding sleep for obvious reasons, having fun can be hunger inducing. People, like automobiles, need fuel to properly function. In this case humans, who do not need to eat gasoline or electricity in order to properly function, use food as fuel. Hunger itself is a very unpleasant feeling which can only be abated through the consumption of food. One of the most notable environments where multiple people can have fun is an amusement park, which are opening  back up as the weather warms up. Going to an amusement park is a very hunger inducing experience. Those who decide to buy food, instead of feeling a sense of relief at the sight of their salvation from the aching emptiness that is hunger, are instead shocked when they lay their eyes upon their meal’s prices. To put it frankly, those who are hungry might as well be violently robbed of the contents of their wallet since it would achieve the same result as paying for the food within an amusement park; with their wallets being empty and the contemplation on whether their visit was worth it. Even though amusement parks are like other businesses in that they have to make profit, the exuberant prices of their available foods has led to everyone who has visited an amusement park to ponder why exactly the available foods are so horrendously overpriced.


   Amusements parks, in their awareness of one of humanity’s many flaws, have taken advantage of the fact that people always go for the easiest solution; this being especially true if their customers are hungry. After all, taking a break from having a fun time in order to eat a meal only to return later can be an annoying trip for many. When people go to amusement parks, the prices of the food aren’t on their mind, it’s the roller coasters and rides. For those who don’t sneak in snacks or drinks, they can’t enjoy their day if their stomach is aching and growling every few moments. As soon as a hunger-stricken customer sees food, their primary concern isn’t the price, it’s on the deliciousness of the potential meal. It’s only after they finish eating that they realize they’ve been ripped off. To most people, they just think these foods are just a little overpriced. But when one thinks about it, the fact that a burger and a few fries are over 10 dollars is ridiculous, it’s not as if eating them would triple one’s lifespan. Taking this initial thought into account, it’s no wonder why amusement parks get away with this strategy. Tens of thousands of customers of willing to pay for food that they deem is only a tad overpriced.


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