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Onto states and national competitions for Oakton scientists

Onto states and national competitions for Oakton scientists

Rebecca Woodhouse, Editor-in-Chief

April 3, 2018

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Spending weekends on research, reading through published papers, designing and redesigning experiments. There is no rest for the weary, until after the Regional Science Fair. Students from Oakton received various awards at the FCPS Regional Science Fair. In order to participate, students had to present...

How Oakton students are embracing the EOL

Gracie Mouzavires, Staff Writer

April 1, 2018

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The EOL is an exciting opportunity for students to share something that they have learned whether it is academic or a hobby. Although a project isn’t something most students want to hear about, the EOL is different from any other projects in school. You have total control over what you want to share wit...

Introducing Oakton’s new book club

Wendy Gao, Staff Writer

March 29, 2018

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High school comes with new freedoms and opportunities, however, our high school agendas often give us limited free time for hobbies. For many high school students, books get put on the back burner after school work, sports, clubs, and other activities. Yara Mohamed, 11, created Oakton Book Club for this...

MacBook? More like ChromeBook.

MacBook? More like ChromeBook.

Brendan Bellingham, Staff Writer

March 24, 2018

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 As a student at Oakton, you have likely become jealous of the hand full of students in your classes that whip out their shiny new MacBooks in class each day. As you wait for your sluggish Dell to boot up, the MacBook is up and running on the desk next to you getting the job done ages before you ha...

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Zoe Sauger, Editorial Board

March 24, 2018

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On March 14, 2018 Stephen Hawking passed away. He was seventy-six years old, which is a long life considering he was sick for most of it. In 1963, Hawking was diagnosed with a form of contracted motor neurone disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). He was given two years to live. however, to everyone’s...

“The Tribe has spoken”

“The Tribe has spoken”

March 23, 2018

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“Playing Survivor was a dream for most of my adult life.” -Brendan Shapiro

A STEMtatstic Weekend for Cougar Science

Clare Sparling, Staff Writer

March 23, 2018

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“Reason can answer questions but imagination has to ask them,” as once said by scientist Ralph W. Gerard. This quote was the theme for the 2018 Fairfax County Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Oakton sent twenty five students to the fair which is composed of over 400 projects. The fair is divid...

Studying is your new favorite social media trend

Studying is your new favorite social media trend

Emily Richardson, Editorial Board

February 27, 2018

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Identifiable by their colorful notes, plethora of stationary, and bullet journals, things like Studygrams (Instagram accounts) and Studyblrs (Tumblr accounts) are growing in presence all across the internet. You may have seen them on your own social media feeds, perhaps asking the question ‘why?’....

School-shooting survivors ‘Stand up’

School-shooting survivors ‘Stand up’

Courtney Te, Editorial Board

February 26, 2018

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   CNN was able to give a voice to the survivors of the mass school-shooting that occured in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last week on February 14th. Students were able to talk about their feelings about the national debate brought up by this tragic event over the cour...

Spring into Action

Jessica Marshall, Editor-in-Chief

February 25, 2018

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   Saying goodbye to the Winter Sports’ season means saying hello to the new teams of Spring Sports at Oakton. This past week, tryouts were held almost every day for teams including Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Cross Country, Baseball, and Softball. Despite the cold and rainy weather, the players push...

The best of spirit week

Payton Wozny, Editorial Board

February 23, 2018

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Oakton students showed their enthusiasm for spirit week from February 20 to 24. Here are some of the most spirited students from this week. To start the week, the students wore their patriotic colors. Gabby Parrillo, a junior at Oakton, showed off her red, white, and blue on Tuesday to support her ...

What is the Exhibition of Learning?

Olivia Garrone, Staff Writer

February 23, 2018

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“It is my deepest hope that everybody in the school has something they want to show, something they’re proud of, something they love,” said Hovanec.

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