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Discover some lesser known religions

Discover some lesser known religions

Sam Rutzick

January 26, 2015

Yazdisim Descending from both Islam and Zoroastrianism, Yazidis reside primarily in the Middle East. Yazidis are monotheistic, believing that God created the universe, and left seven angels, led by Melek Taus (who was identified with Satan by medieval Islamic philosophers) in charge. Yazidis have been...

Student Stress Begins to Weigh in

Erin Preaskorn

November 6, 2014

Now that school has been in session for over a month, students are perhaps feeling less stressed than they were over the past month. Freshmen may have already experienced the so-called ‘culture shock’ of high school. Typically the beginning and end of school years, as well as the end of semesters...

A look at the diverse jobs of Oakton students

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Maggie Campbell

May 23, 2014

Oakton students hard at work   Several students at Oakton, whether a sophomore or a senior, obtain jobs to finance their teenager lives. Here is a look at some of the interesting jobs students have, how they spend their earnings, and the funniest moments they have experienced.  ...

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