The Future Musicians Club

Joining this club won’t be ♭


Photo courtesy of Marius Masalar on Unsplash

While the music and arts are a thriving community at Oakton through band, chorus, and orchestra courses, there hasn’t really been a place for musicians to connect outside of taking a class. Music classes at Oakton can be fun and rewarding, however at times it can bring unnecessary pressure and stress to those participating, with the constant demand for perfection and high pressure tests. Music should be relaxing and calming, an escape from external pressures. 

Being a musician can be challenging at the best of times, and musicians not in a music class at Oakton struggle through it alone, without a community to support and encourage them. Oakton’s new club, the Future Musicians Club, founded by Grace Lionato, was created to be a club where musicians can come together from all different training backgrounds and write and play music that they love. It will be a pressure free zone, a club where anyone who loves music can come to decompress and relax. Music has always been a method to unwind and get away from stress, and the Future Musicians Club helps members reclaim that. 

Meetings will consist of club members asking for feedback on a piece of music they are learning or getting advice about writing, learning, or playing new music. Anything a musician might need, they’ll get it. Anyone of any skill level is welcome, and the club will be a judgement free zone. Grace Lionato says that there “will be a zero tolerance policy for any type of bullying or rudeness in the club. The club should be a place where musicians can get helpful feedback and find a community.” It’s a great opportunity for musicians to meet each other, and even collaborate on songs. 

Grace also mentioned that she hopes that she can even get parents who are musicians to come and speak with the club about having a musical career outside of high school. These days, there is a certain stigma against musicians. Many give up on their dreams because someone told them that they’ll never make it as a musical artist. While there is some truth to that statement, it shouldn’t be a reason to entirely give up on your dreams. The field of music is well known for being ruthless and tough, and for young musicians to see that having a successful career in music outside of high school is possible can be life changing. 

The Future Musicians Club is a safe space for anyone who is interested in music, whether they play or just enjoy listening. Grace hopes that the club can start meeting in February once it has been approved by the school, so follow or contact Grace at future_musiciansclub.ohs on Instagram or at [email protected], if you or anyone you know might be interested in the club for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Grace Lionato