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Harriet Limkin, Staff Writer

My name is Harriet and I'm a sophomore. This is my first year in journalism. I have played the piano since I was 5 years old. I also love to bake and cook, as well as biking and running. One fun fact about me is that I hate strawberries. I don't know why but something about them just grosses me out!

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PSAT day

Harriet Limkin, Staff Writer | April 29, 2021

  Dozens of sophomores arrive at Oakton High School on a bright and chilly Monday morning.  It’s PSAT day, their first taste of the many standardized tests they’ll take before college. The...

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The end of an era

Harriet Limkin, Staff Writer | March 11, 2021

  Picture this: you are sitting in a crowded stadium filled with men and women in suits and hats. You can feel the anticipation as you watch the trainers lead the sleek and muscular greyhounds...

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The Future Musicians Club

Harriet Limkin, Staff Writer | January 14, 2021

While the music and arts are a thriving community at Oakton through band, chorus, and orchestra courses, there hasn’t really been a place for musicians to connect outside of taking a class. Music classes...

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Review of The Haunting of Bly Manor

Harriet Limkin, Staff Writer | November 3, 2020

  The Haunting of Bly Manor is a nine episode series on Netflix about a naive American nanny who travels to England. She manages to land a job homeschooling two elementary school children at an...

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The craze for doggos

Harriet Limkin, Staff Writer | October 19, 2020

Have you always wanted to adopt a dog, but never gotten around to it? Now may be the best opportunity you’ll have to adopt and train a puppy. This requires a lot of patience and time, and due to Covid-19,...

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TikTok – is it a double edged sword?

Harriet Limkin, Staff Writer | October 6, 2020

 Amid the pandemic, millions of teens are turning to social media platforms like TikTok to cope. While many teens love the social aspects of TikTok - finding a community, new friends, and even getting...

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Harriet Limkin