How to be productive

Tips that will make getting work done a whole lot easier

Learning how to become a productive person is an important part of being a successful student. The majority of high schoolers are professional procrastinators, which adds to the already stressful life of high school. Getting organized and working on time management is a big step to becoming more productive and is a way to put forth your best self.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

To-Do Lists

School life on a computer can be very overwhelming. Especially sitting on a computer all day then having to spend more hours online doing homework each night. One way to dilute the piles of work given to students is to make a to-do list. To-do lists help create structure for the entire day, and checking off each task once completed decreases anxiety and increases satisfaction. 


Creating to-do lists also sets goals for each day and psychologists suggest that not completing them will interfere with other tasks, thus, making you more accountable to check everything off. Writing to-do lists also comes with the added benefit of keeping yourself on track—it helps ensure that no task goes undone.


One of the most underrated productive tips is taking breaks. For one thing, it restores motivation, especially when working on hard and long term tasks. Avoiding breaks will lead to decision fatigue, which can wear down your reasoning ability leading to mistakes and bad moods. Additionally, long term attention can actually lower a person’s performance, and staying on one task without breaks can increase anxiety. Taking breaks will lead to a more creative and productive mindset.  


Multitasking. Everyone does it. People think It saves time and is more convenient. But  it actually hinders performance and reduces productivity to up to 40% according to Very Well Mind. Multitasking is actually just shifting your focus between tasks very quickly.  Studies have shown that multitaskers end up having a harder time shutting out distractions and become more tried. Instead try focusing on one task at a time to help increase your productivity. 


Implementing these tricks into your daily life is a step towards success. And not only that but, changing your ways now in high school, will establish these habits for years to come. It is never too late to become a more organized and productive person.