Oakton goes Arabian for a night

Ashley Shepard, Staff Writer

Friday February 26, in the Oakton Cafeteria, Arabian Night took place. It started off with a reading from the Qur’an and then was followed by a speech by a member of Muslim Student Association (MSA) explaining what was going to be done that night. Then everyone was released to the buffet-style dinner. It consisted of spiced chicken, samosas, a variety of rices, and falafel. “My dad and I love to make food for Arabian Night because it’s a way we can bond and make good food from our culture,” said sophomore Tagwa Shammet.

Later in the night, they opened up a photo booth with many props to use. “The photo booth was one of my favorite things at Arabian night. It was fun to go take pictures with my friends,” said Megan Leroy (10). There were then many performances done such as singing, reading of poetry, and an Improv Club performance. The highlight of Arabian Night was a speech by Chantilly High School sophomore, Meriem.

After majority of the performances, dessert was brought out. It consisted of baklava, brownies, turkish coffee and tea and Kanafah. All dishes were made by students in MSA and their families. Another activity at Arabian Night was henna. Henna is a dye made by plants. It is normally used to make temporary designs or tattoos on body parts. Usually on feet, hands, and arms. Many lined up to get henna. It was done by several students in MSA. Overall this was a great night for Oakton expanding its cultural outlook and embracing new perspectives.