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New Year, New You?

Gaby Brennan, Staff Writer

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Every year as the ball drops and bottles of champagne are popped open, millions celebrate the excitement of another year to come, and having made it through the past year. Amidst the celebration, the New Year also brings a chance to look back and reflect on one’s actions and decisions, whether they were good or bad. Many come up with New Year’s Resolutions and plans to enrich their lifestyles and end the following year feeling accomplished and have as little regret as possible. But just what exactly do people wish to change in their lives?

According to Google by iQuanti, the most popular New Year’s Resolution by far was to be healthy, followed by improving organizational skills. Other commonly used resolutions include, traveling, reading more, making better financial decisions, finding new hobbies, and to live life to the fullest. To many, the new year comes as a clean slate and an opportunity to make the most of the year. The saying “new year, new me” gets used frequently every January 1st, but how many people actually fulfill their expectations of a new and improved them?

As reported by Statistic Brain, 41% of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolution, which comes to show how people seem to find room for improvement in their lives. However, only a small fraction of the resolution makers actually feel successful in their initial goals. Only 9.2% of Americans have felt accomplished about their progress throughout the year and feel to have met their expectations. It is also noted that as time goes by, effort seems to diminish, with percentage rates dropping each month.

Age might also play a factor in the success of fulfilling a New Year’s resolution. According to Statistic Brain, the percentage of people over the age 50 who achieve their resolutions every year is a meager 16.3%, in contrast to the 37.8% of people in their twenties. Causes for the difference in results might include lack of time, lack of health, or financial status. People in their twenties may also have more freedom and may be able to travel more than their older counterparts who have settled down in their homes.

Even though New Year’s is a great time to really sit down and think, don’t forget to also celebrate with your family and friends and enjoy the last few days of break. Have a happy 207!

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New Year, New You?