Rowdy Cougars take on the Atoms

Morgan Cooper

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On September 19, Oakton’s “rowdy cougs” fought for victory against the Annandale Atoms under the Friday night lights. When students first arrived on the cougar path, some had to open their jackets or throw away any food or drinks they brought to the game. Security enforcement for the games has increased since the Oakton-Madison game on September 5.

In the first half, Oakton held the lead against Annandale, although sophomore running back Patrick Lou Francisco acquired a knee injury and had to be taken down to the locker room. The final score at the end of the game was 10-14, Annandale taking the win. Although the cougars are no longer undefeated, players and coaches are looking forward to the West Potomac game on September 26. “We didn’t play to our full potential against Annandale, but we practice harder every day to reach that potential,” said Billy Jones, junior running back.