Freshman football suffers loss

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Freshman football suffers loss

Erin Preaskorn

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Freshman football suffered a crushing defeat of 0-21 against Westfield Thursday, 30 Oct. The second to last game of the season started rather unusually. The Bulldogs didn’t arrive until 6:02p.m., causing the game to start half an hour late. Although the final score implies otherwise, the defense was looking strong.

Going into the game, the team had high hopes for beating Westfield.

“I think we’re going to win,” said wide receiver Fred Hrinko. “We’re pretty rowdy.”

Freshman football has won only one of their seven games, but that doesn’t mean the players are unhappy with their season.

“I think [the season] has gone decently,” said offensive lineman and left guard Sean “Terminater” Alecxih. “We can pick up in certain areas, but overall decent.”

The players have gained a lot of experience, and played well in spite of several injuries, including starting quarterback Charlie Smith’s torn ACL.

Freshman football plays their last game Thursday 6 Nov at Herndon at 5:45p.m.

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