Love Simon’s Impact

Recently released film Love Simon is already making its mark on the world


“Everyone deserves a great love story.” This line from the film best encapsulates the story of this movie. Love Simon was recently released, and I can confidently say that it lived up to all expectations and is a very meaningful movie that all can enjoy.


Love Simon is a movie about a high school boy named Simon who has been keeping a part of his identity a secret from those closest to him. One day on his high school’s anonymous gossip site, it is revealed to Simon that there is another closeted kid in his school. In an impulsive move, Simon made a fake email account to message this person and they end up messaging back and forth over the course of the movie. One day while using the school email to check his emails, he leaves his email open accidentally and and someone snoops through his email, finding out his secret. This person blackmails him and eventually Simon’s secret is out to the school and eventually his family.


Love Simon is a very important film, representation wise, to LGBTQ+ teens everywhere. In media, there’s an unfortunate lack of mainstream LGBTQ+ films. Recently this has begun to change, with the release of Moonlight that won the Oscar for best picture in 2016. Moonlight was beautiful, very necessary and paved the way for LGBTQ+ films making it to screens. Moonlight was a cinematic masterpiece; however, it was also very important for a film like Love Simon to be released so that LGBTQ+ kids everywhere could get a chance to see a teenager just like them having a happy ending with the person they love in a (mostly) light-hearted rom-com light. In the theatre I went to, there was a positive vibe all around. Everyone in the theatre was giddy in anticipation for the final act of the movie where Simon’s love interest was revealed. This movie definitely caused a unique and fun viewing experience.