Desantis v Disney

Behind the feud between Florida governor Ron Desantis and Disney

Photo by Cody Board with permission from Unsplash

Florida governor Ron Desantis, who is now running for president, is currently in a legal battle with Disney, who says that Desantis is using his governmental power against the theme park in Orlando. In May of 2022, Disney publicly came out in opposition of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which would prohibit the discussion of gender identity and sexuality in kindergarten through third grade. Desantis then responded by urging the state legislature to abolish the park’s special zoning that allowed Disney to tax the park itself instead of the counties around it, thus allowing Disney to govern itself. This also allowed them to issue their own building permits, making construction projects in the park easier. The state legislature got rid of the law, which also gave the state’s tourism board control over what happens in the park. Disney then sued the governor, asking the state courts to overturn his efforts against the park, accusing him of “weaponizing government power.” 


According to a poll by Yahoo News, 40% of people think that Desantis’s actions were inappropriate while 38% of people agree that his actions were appropriate, with 22% unsure or undecided. In comparison 67% percent of Democrats think that Desantis behaved inappropriately, while 67% of Republicans believe that he did. When asked who they would prefer to win the court battle, 42% said Disney while 32% said that they support Desantis. Though the split between Desantis and Disney may seem even, public opinion of Desantis due to this feud may make or break his political campaign for president.