Top 10 World Cup moments

Top 10 World Cup moments

Maggie Campbell

Whether a soccer fan or not, the 2014 FIFA World Cup sparked a new level of excitement for people all around the world. For soccer fanatics, the cup provided the chance to see the best of the best compete together at a whole different level.

“The combination of world-class players, coaches, games, stadiums, and such vivid culture is something incomparable,” said Kunal Naik, member of the TJ boys soccer team.

For others, it was a chance to gather together and experience something bigger than themselves. Luckily for some of several Oakton students, this year’s trip to Germany came around the same time as the World Cup, allowing them to have a first hand experience of the country’s excitement over their victory. Here’s a look at the top 10 FIFA World Cup moments from on and off the field.

10. Tim Howard saves 16 goals vs. Belgium, more than any other goalkeeper in a single match in World Cup history. He instantly became the star of several photos pictures over social media titled “Tim Howard saved”, which is similar to Fairfax County’s own portrayal of Ryan McElveen.

9. Even though they came into the 2014 FIFA World Cup as the reigning champion, Spain having the highest FIFA rating in the tournament surprised viewers as Chile knocked Spain out of the cup with their 2-0 victory.

8. The tournament highlighted some of the best goal-keeping ever seen in FIFA history by players like Tim Howard (28 total saves), Guillermo Ochoa and Keylor Navas (14 total saves).

7. With little regard to the ending result, Tim Cahill’s volley against Netherlands was one of the most memorable goals of the tournament.

6. Costa Rica’s “Cinderella Run” was beyond what fans expected. Coming into the tournament as the favorite to lose in their group, Costa Rica blew the minds of the viewers as they swept through victories over Uruguay and Italy, and tied with England to lead their group after all. They led an impressive run only to be defeated by the infamous Netherlands in the quarter-finals.

5. As the host nation, the people of Brazil were treated to an amazing experience through this top-notch tournament with a successful team that reached to the semi-finals. However, the teams 7-1 loss to Germany was tense and heart breaking for the fans.

4. Miroslav Klose shattered Christiano Ronaldo’s all-time world cup scoring record with 16 goals and went on to win the final itself with his team.

3. Robin van Persie’s flying header against Spain blew the minds of fans all around the world, defining the immense skills these competitors have not only with their feet, but their entire bodies.

2. James Rodriguez is definitely seen now as a sensational athlete and the Colombian jewel. With a great run during the tournament and fabulous goals, such as his netted goal with his chest against Uruguay, he was a well deserved recipient of the Golden Boot.

1. With world-class players of all ages embracing their immense talents, Germany went on to make history, showing the entire world how a cup should be won and the capabilities of a winning team. Mario Goetze’s clutch goal to beat Argentina in extra time and that they were the first European team to win on South American soil showed the world what Germany was truly made of.