Virginia goes blue

A Victory for Democratic Virginians

Ashley Shepard, Staff Writer

In 2016, November 8 was one of the hardest days of most americans lives. It sent a lot of America into a post-election depression. However this year, for most Virginians November 8 looked quite different. On November 7 Virginia had a gubernatorial (governor) election along with many house of delegate elections in various districts. The democratic nominee, Ralph Northam, beat republican nominee, Ed Gillespie, by a whopping eight points. In Fairfax County, almost 70% of voters chose Northam on their ballots. This is not a surprise since last year they also went blue for the presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.  Along with Northam being elected, he is also joined by democrats Justin Fairfax (Lieutenant Governor) and Mark Herring (Attorney General). For many Virginians this was a win they had been longing for since the presidential election. Hopefully Northam can continue what the previous governor, Terry McAuliffe, set out to do during his term.