The Life of Jake Paul

Katie Le, Editorial Board

Shane Dawson created a documentary series on YouTubers and what goes on in their lives and controversies they’ve had. Tanacon, Tana Mongeau’s YouTube convention, was what started this documentary series, but Shane’s first documentary on a person was about a makeup artist, Jeffree Star. So many people loved and enjoyed the documentary, that Shane decided to make another one but it was a look into Jake Paul, a YouTuber and Viner’s life.

At first, fans of Shane were not happy because many of them were not fond of Jake Paul after many incidents involving Paul. Shane still decided to document Paul’s life and started the eight part documentary. The very first video dropped on September 25th. The first and the next three videos of the documentary did not introduce Jake. It was the fifth video of the documentary where Jake was actually in the video.

The first video of the documentary talked about what Shane was going to find out throughout the series. He said he was going to try and see if Jake is a sociopath. In this video he did his own research on sociopaths and put in examples of them throughout the video. The second video goes more in depth of sociopaths and what they are. Shane talks to an actual psychologist and they  discuss about how Paul could possibly be a sociopath but they didn’t say it was certain. The third video is about Jake Paul’s family. Shane Dawson talks about Paul’s parents and also his brother, Logan Paul. He tells controversies surrounding the family and their individual selves. The fourth video is Shane interviewing Nick Crompton. Crompton talks about his experience with Paul and people in Team 10( a YouTube channel made up of many YouTubers). The fifth video is when Jake Paul is introduced in the series and Shane goes over to Paul’s house to talk with him and people there. Also in the sixth video, Shane is still at Paul’s house talking to him and the members there, and then leaves Jake’s house to go back to his own home at the end of the video. The seventh video is an interview with Paul’s supposedly ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet. Violet talks about her side of the story and talks about her experience with Paul and team 10. She talks about the things Jake has done to her like being mentally abused. The interview between Shane Dawson and Alissa violet was a very intense and dark.

Although the last two videos of this series are not released yet, many people already started changing their views on Jake Paul. At first, many thought he wasn’t a good person and disliked him, but now they’re starting to grow fond of him because of this series. Shane’s videos puts Paul in a more positive light to the viewers which is why many people change their thoughts on him. Also,  viewers got to hear some controversies surrounding Paul but from his own perspective. We were able to see Paul’s daily life without him vlogging, and it showed another part of his life that people never really saw. The whole series revealed stories that were never really told and went to depth with a lot of thing.