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The student news site of Oakton High School

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The student news site of Oakton High School

Oakton Outlook

Addison Becker, Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Addison Becker! I am a senior at Oakton and I am so excited to be a first-year staff writer for the Oakton Outlook. I am a cheerleader for school and for an all-star team. A fun fact about myself is that I love to travel!

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Seaspiracy: revealing new Netflix documentary

Addison Becker, Staff Writer | April 15, 2021

The new Netflix original documentary, Seaspiracy, has received a lot of attention on social media. The film stars Ali Tabriz, who has a passion for whales and dolphins. He began his journey to discover...

The Taylor Swift re-recordings

Addison Becker, Staff Writer | March 11, 2021

One of the most popular singers in the music industry, Taylor Swift, is re-recording many of her old albums and releasing them as “Taylor’s Version.” A big Swiftie, Lauren Darwaza (10), shares her...

A timeline of the Capitol riots

Addison Becker, Staff Writer | January 13, 2021

On January 6, 2021, rioters stormed the nation's Capitol in DC. Here's a breakdown of how these events transpired. 

New titles on Netflix that should make your watch list

Addison Becker, Staff Writer | November 3, 2020

Series Emily In Paris This Netflix original series of just 10 episodes is a perfect binge-worthy show and has been on the top ten charts in America for a few weeks. Emily in Paris follows Lily Colins...

The Climate Change Clock

Addison Becker, Staff Writer | October 19, 2020

7 years left? Started in 2019 by Gan Golin and Andrew Boyd, The Climate Clock is an art piece showing the countdown until anthropogenic activities, such as burning fossil fuels, have caused irreversible...

Review of Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma”

Addison Becker, Staff Writer | October 7, 2020

Society has heard the theories about robots taking over the world and AI’s destroying the human population, but this Netflix documentary makes these assumptions feel like reality. The Social Dilemma...

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