Projections for the Upcoming Election

An election can simply alter the way America runs in the future. That’s why it’s so crucial that you vote. It’s not just a win or lose situation with no strings attached, it affects each and every American citizen.


Photo by Harold Mendoza on Unsplash


The upcoming 2020 election has a lot of people on their toes. No one knows what the results are going to end up being. In past elections, people were able to make a probable guess on who’s going to be put into office, but this year makes that simple guess quite difficult. Both candidates have past scandals to their name making people wonder “Why are these people even considered for President of The United States?”. 


Biden is a much better fit for President. He is the former Vice President of The United States under the Obama administration, serving 8 years as VP. And has been working in the government for around 44 years total. He has a lot more experience as a politician than Trump, as Trump only has 4 years of Presidency.


Trump’s policies mainly focus on the economy. For the 4 years he has served, he hasn’t done anything for the economy. He simply just adapted all of Obama’s work for the economy and took credit for it. Considering these facts, why should Trump be elected for another 4 years when he failed to do all the things he said he would during his 2016 campaign? Biden has plans for healthcare, and to raise taxes for the rich and lower taxes for families who receive less than 400,000 dollars a year. Which is a very big percentage of the United States.


Trump is also known for many of the racist, homophobic, and sexist remarks that he has made over the course of being President. And there’s still plenty more from before he was elected. This behavior is unacceptable from anyone, let alone our President. 


Let’s talk about the electoral college. The states with the most electoral votes are California (55), Texas (38), New York (29), Florida (29), Illinois (20), and Pennsylvania (20). California, New York, and Illinois are all blue states. Meaning they hold the majority for Democratic votes. Texas is so close to turning blue, if we can turn it blue Biden has a very good chance at winning this election. 


We shouldn’t rely on the polls. They are known to be very inaccurate. We can, however, use them as an example of what this election could look like. Most Biden voters are more likely to do mail-in ballots whilst Trump voters are more likely to go in-person and vote. Trump did confirm that a lot of the mail-in ballots in certain states will get “lost”. Realistically speaking, those ballots don’t just go missing.


That’s why it is so important that if you are registered to vote to go out and vote! If you are of age, but not registered please go register. This is our future. Let’s make America a safe place for everyone of different colors, genders, and sexualities.