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Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman

Maggie Campbell

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There is a definitive superheroine, one who is sadly underrepresented in media, both on print and on the silver screen. I’m fairly confident you know who I’m talking about: Wonder Woman. The feminist icon, created in 1941 by William Moulton Marston, who, incidentally, also created the polygraph, has had short shrift in comics as well. Unlike Superman or Batman, who both have appeared continually since their creation in 1938, Wonder Woman has never had the continuous run that the other two have enjoyed. However, Wonder Woman triumphantly gains a second title in the weekly digital anthology “Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman.” For only $0.99, the new book, released every Wednesday, will feature a new artist and writer each giving a new tale of the Amazing Amazon.

Issues one and two feature Gail Simone, writer of Batgirl, and Ethan Van Sciver, most recently the artist of Green Lantern, in a story called “Gothamazon.” After the injury of Batman, Wonder Woman is called in to police Gotham City in the meantime. Simone writes a great story, filled with witty dialogue and humor, along with genuine suspense and action. Additionally, the story serves as a character study of what sets Wonder Woman apart from the other heroes of the DC Comics world. She is a heroine that balances the pragmatism and deadliness of Batman with the compassion and hope of Superman. The book is marred only by Van Sciver’s artwork. Usually meticulous, he makes several mistakes, and page 14 of issue two is quite obviously drawn by a different artist. However, the book remains enjoyable and hopefully points towards a new renaissance in Wonder Woman stories. Keep an eye on the app ComiXology every Wednesday to get the next installment of “Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman.”

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Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman