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NFL’s Centennial Season Kicks Off

Max Dolinh, Staff Writer

September 15, 2019

   Football is back! This past week, the NFL finally kicked off its 100th season after one of the most eventful offseasons in recent memory. The week had everything a football fan could ask for: breakout performances, surprising upsets, and amazing comebacks. While the first week of games is not a gr...

The Nationals Amazing Season

Jacob Rutzick, Staff Writer

September 15, 2019

May 24th seemed like just another day for the Washington Nationals - the struggling ball club looked like they would fall short of expectations once again. Nationals history is filled with many choke jobs in the playoffs and regular season. After Bryce Harper’s decision to leave the team, the Nat...

Why are the Red Sox struggling? History

May 10, 2019

As we go deeper in the MLB season, another trend has found itself manifesting over the course of the year. The reigning World Series winner has been underperforming. The Boston Red Sox, coming off of a dominant 2018 where they went 108-54 and steamrolled through the playoffs on their way to a 4-1...

Why KD is the Best Player in the NBA

Jacob Rutzick, Staff Writer

May 8, 2019

Kevin Durant has always been second best his whole career. He was the second ranked player in high school. He was the second player picked in the NBA draft, and he has been considered second best to LeBron James his whole career. Now that LeBron and the Lakers have missed the playoffs the title of b...

NFL Draft 2019

Sara Boddie, Staff Writer

April 26, 2019

As summer is nearing, NFL coaches are beginning to draft their first players. The first round of the draft took place Thursday, April 25th, at 8 PM, and the second round the next day at 7 PM. Available on ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network, football drafts are streamed by fans all across the country. It...

NBA Playoffs Preview

Jacob Rutzick, Staff Writer

April 24, 2019

  This year’s NBA playoffs are just around the corner so it’s time to breakdown the most exciting matchups for this year. Every year there are great series that everyone knows going in is going to be great, and there are sleeper series that surprise everyone like the Bucks Celtics serie...

Is Duke Overrated?

Is Duke Overrated?

Nikhil Trivedi, Staff Writer

April 22, 2019

In 2018, the Duke college basketball team picked up 3 of the top 5 high school prospects. With this loaded lineup coming onto the team, many assumed a national championship was in the bag for the team when November rolled around. Who wouldn’t think that when most of the starting lineup is an All A...

The Controversial Video Assistant Referee (V.A.R) in Soccer

The Controversial Video Assistant Referee (V.A.R) in Soccer

sebastian osea

April 12, 2019

   Since the Video Assistant Referee was introduced in the World Cup last year, it has certainly left a mark of controversy to soccer fans all over the globe whether one’s team won or not. The result was 29 penalty kicks called, which was 16 more than the previous World Cup. The International Fo...

Craziest Facts of March Madness

Craziest Facts of March Madness

Nikhil Trivedi, Staff Writer

April 9, 2019

March has come and brought warmer, more spring-like weather, but winter basketball is far from being over. March Madness, the 64 team college basketball tournament, is right around the corner, where even people with no knowledge of the sport try to make the best bracket to win their bracket group. Tea...

Quick Recap of the Oakton Swim Team

Asher Tankel

March 27, 2019

The Oakton Swim Team had a very successful season, with it ending last month. The boys and girls teams both performed extremely well, with the boys never losing a 1 versus 1 match against neighbouring high schools. The girls also did impressively well, with their team winning all but one match again...

Different Event in Track and Field

Lizzie Thompson, Staff Writer

March 5, 2019

     Spring track and field just had their tryouts and are going to start practicing next week. While I was listening to people talk about track and field, I realized how many events fall under the subject of track and field. First, are the most basic of the event, long distance and sprints. The length...

Lacrosse Tryouts

Pari Abdollahi, Staff Writer

March 5, 2019

Spring sports, such as lacrosse have started. Oakton spring sports tryouts started the week of Presidents Day and some tryouts are still ongoing due to weather delays. Many people attended the spring tryouts including those who are new to the school as well as upperclassmen who are trying out for the firs...

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